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What Is Stopping You From Creating Your Own Blog?
This 4 Week, Step-By-Step Crash Course Provides You With Everything You Need To Build A Profitable Blog Without Making The Mistakes 99% Of New Bloggers Make
  • Learn how to start your own digital asset, in a niche that's right for you. 
  • Learn how you can earn money from your website, and how the 'pros' keep the income coming. 
  • ​Easily launch your blog and build your site, even if you have no technical experience (Step By Step Videos, Worksheets & Support). 
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"What Will I Learn & Accomplish?"
By the end of this 4-week course, you will be able to tell the world, "I Am A Blogger!". 

You are going to learn to select your niche, find products to product, have your own digital asset set up and broadcasting live to the web. You will be given the tools, strategies and ideas to keep growing your new blog, and allowing you to earn money from it. 

In 4 weeks, you will have your new website set up, articles live and ready to start scaling to the moon!

Each day comes with video lessons, worksheets, and every resource you need to do everything yourself. 
"OK, But Who Is Teaching This?
I'm James Hussey, owner of the I have enjoyed blogging and building niche websites for the last 4+ years. 

From small Amazon niche sites, to larger authority sites, I have enjoyed the freedom that blogging, and SEO can bring. 

But, I haven't always been a blogger. I have run subscription companies, DropShipping stores, coupon sites and around 15 other websites and business, before I settled on something I truly love... 
"Why Are You Offering This Support?"
Have you ever thought about, or even tried creating a website in the past, but  gave up or got confused and stuck? 

Maybe you managed to get to the first hurdle (the niche) or further down the line and ran into difficulty. 

Or, you heard the words 'SEO', 'Website Design' saw a YouTube video trying to explain what blogging is and simply decided it sounded too complicated?

For many, trying to create a digital asset via blogging, sounds like a hard, long and difficult path, that can never be achieved while working that 9-5 job. So why bother. 

I get it, I actually thought the same a few years back. I didn't think that I could create an online asset, while working a full time (and exhausting consultancy job). There was no way I could learn complicated skills such as SEO or web design, while trying to have a life. 

I was wrong, I realised that it is possible to build a blog fast, while having ZERO technical or coding skills (Ok, I might have a few but I have never used them). 

These days, I can get a new blog researched, built and live, in just a few days, or even hours. I know that once I have done it, I can start to earn a passive income, long after that initial set up. As long as I put in the effort required to keep it alive. 

Plus, I have also sussed out how to set it up for roughly the same cost as a cup of coffee and a slice of cake per month. 

I wanted to guide as many people as I could through a step by step guide, breaking everything down into bitesize chunks, and stop the frustration. 
 What Does The Course Look Like?...
Let's get down to it! 
The course is broken down into 4 distinct weeks. 
With each week giving you access to videos, worksheets and guidance. 
There are also some sweet extras. 
Week 1 - The Foundations
The first week covers the core concepts to get you off on the right foot.
  • Day 1: Niche selection, offer reviews
  • Day 2: Mindset - What is stopping you from succeeding 
  • Day 3: Domain Selection & Review
  • Day 4 -5: Choosing the right host for you and getting your website installed
At the end of week 1, the aim is to get your niche selected, mindset on the right track, hosting sorted and a website ready to go. 
Week 2 - Website Setup & Branding
Next up, we will walk, step by step through your new website, helping with branding & asthetics.
  • Day 1: WordPress overview, initial set ups and tips. 
  • Day 2: Plugin & Theme Plugin (Including our favourites)
  • Day 3: Branding - Colours, Feel And Logos (Maximum Impact, Minimal Cost)
  • Day 4 - 5: Creating your first post, and using the DFY pages
Week 2 will start to bring your website together, making it look and feel like your own part of the internet. Focusing on understand WordPress, why we use it and how to make it look amazing. 
Week 3 - SEO, Research & Structure
This week we will understand SEO and why it's more simple than many people believe. Helping you structure your website and how to rank
  • Day 1: What SEO is, and why it's so powerful. 
  • ​Day 2: Understanding On-Page SEO (With help from week 2) and off Page SEO
  • Day 3: Site Structure and how to ensure each page is best set up to rank
  • Day 4: Keyword Research Part 1 (Tools & Ideas)
  • Day 5: ​Creating your second post and beyond (Post Ideas and Styles)
Week 3 will see you set up for the future, with posts, keyword ideas and a good understanding of how to structure and build your new blog. 
Week 4 - Monetisation, scaling & Launching
Everything has been building up to this, it's time to launch. 
  • Day 1: Finding products for the future
  • ​Day 2: Keyword Research part 2 - Ensuring you have plans for the future
  • Day 3: Different monetisation strategies
  • Day 4: First steps with social media
  • Day 5: Time to scale 
Week 4 is here, and you are ready to fly!
 What Does The Course Look Like?...
BONUS #1: Interviews From Top Bloggers Making Over $10K Per Month
We've compiled a list of inspirational interviews with some of the top bloggers in the world, each making over $10,000 per month blogging, you'll watch them all during the course for inspiration.
BONUS #2: Exclusive BlogFocused FB Group
You'll get access to our new private Facebook group of bloggers and other students, helping you form relationships, and get inspiration.
BONUS #3: My DFY Starter Pages
I will give you my legal pages that I use on my sites, to ensure you have the groundwork to be compliant with your new site. FTC Compliance, GDPR Compliance, Privacy Policies and more. 
BONUS #4: Sam Rexfords' Book On Starting A Blog
In case you like to have a companion read, you'll also receive the PDF Ebook "How To Build And Launch Your Blog, FAST"
Total: $299
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