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"Blog Focused has taken me through every single step I needed to set up and launch a blog (and it’s live!)" -Stuart E

Is Blogging for YOU?

From: James Hussey
England, UK.

What if you had your own digital asset that made money on "autopilot"... easy to setup...
...doesn't require constant attention...
...or any special skills...

Better still...

You "own" the setup and it's not built on anyone else's platform.

It's NOT even complex...

You don't need ANY special "techie" skills

And once you know what you're doing...

You can manage and run your site in as little as 4 hours per week (or less).

Sound good...?

I can help YOU do this.

I've done it dozens of times and I know EXACTLY what is needed...

What can be ignored...

And where you should focus YOUR time and energy.

It's the reason I created Blog Focused

To help people like YOU...

I've seen first hand the power of blogs and the freedom it affords.

As the saying goes...
"Find someone who has done what you want to do... and listen to them...

Do what you say and you'll get your end result FASTER..."
Think about it, how does this sound...

  No fear of account bans or suspensions.
  No anxiety around constantly changing rules.
  No risk that it could all be taken away unfairly with no warning.

Instead, you'll have...

✅  An audience of hot buyers ACTIVELY SEEKING what you promote.
✅  Content that is "magnetic" to your perfect customer avatar.
✅  $$$ in the bank without having to speak to anyone
✅  Control over your own schedule – work when you want from where you want...

The truth is, owning your own piece of internet "real estate" is one of the most lucrative things you can do.
And the BEST PART of having your own blog...

Is that you have full control.

Full control over what you promote and how you promote it...

Full control over when you work and how much you choose to do.

The truth is... 

Managing a blog has a small overhead...

But, you can easily manage this... just a few hours or less per week

This allows you to focus on spending time creating new content...
Which leads to making MORE money. 
Imagine being able to publish posts...

Speaking directly to your readers wants, needs and desires...

Without having to fear that YOUR voice has to be "tamed"...

...or adjusted in order to comply with someone else's definition of what's acceptable. 

No approval process. You write what you want.... 

And publish when you feel like it without fear.

We all know those platforms...

Instead, you are your own boss...

Being able to monetise any offer you want to promote...

And once you build YOUR site and have "wheels in motion"...

It's your own passive income source. 
There's no longer a direct exchange of time for money...

No longer a need to "clock in" and "clock out"...

Under the watchful eye of a boss. (the thought of EVER going back to that gives me nightmares...!)

You can take holidays when you want...

And work whatever schedule feels best for you...

Whether that's early mornings with a coffee...

...or late afternoon's in the park or by the beach.
You can wake to sales notifications linked with things you published... days, weeks, months or even YEARS before!
The thing is...

For me, it's not about NEVER having to work.

Let's be clear... there is still effort required. 

This is no "get rich quick" scheme. (those don't exist)

However, there is a true sense of FREEDOM.

And when you are doing something you genuinely enjoy or even LOVE...

And are in full control of...

...that's the DREAM.
Perhaps you've already "had a go" at creating a blog?

Quite a lot of people who like writing... or just want to make money online...

End up finding blogging and giving it a try.

Sadly, many get tied up in the unnecessary elements that aren't even 100% required. 

I see this a lot...

If you've ever heard of the "Pareto Principle" (the 80/20 law)...

It states that 80% of the results will come from 20% of the work... 

In other words, there are 80% of things you can do... 

That don't even matter that much in terms of priorities.

If you can identify the 20% of things that have the biggest impact...

You can cut out the rest and STILL bring in 80% of the results.


And better still...

There is another 80/20 rule within the 80/20...

So it becomes the 64/4 rule.  

Just 4% of the work will bring in 64% of the results.
I've built dozens of sites and blogs...

And as a result, I know EXACTLY what is needed.

I know what works and what can be ignored.

In Blog Focused, you will discover the exact system I use...

Every single time I'm creating a new site.

It's my 64/4 version of what truly matters.

As part of Blog Focused...'ll quickly have your new blog up and running.
And be set up for SUCCESS...

Avoiding 99% of mistakes "newbies" make.

I actively build and maintain websites today in 2021...

These techniques are my current strategies that work...

So, if you're ready to get started...


I assure you... YOU CAN DO THIS!

And I can help.

I've seen people of all ages and abilities have SUCCESS with blogs.

Ready? Let's do this!
Your EXPERT Guide...
Hey, I'm James Hussey... 

I'm the owner of and a full time Web Wizard (amongst other things!) 

I've been building HIGHLY PROFITABLE "niche" websites for YEARS and LOVE the time and financial freedom it brings.

I've got a WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE making money online doing everything from small Amazon niche sites to larger "authority" sites. I've also ran subscription companies, Dropshipping stores, coupon sites, 15+ other sites and businesses... you name it!

Now that I've found my TRUE PASSION, it's my mission to help others do the same.

If there's someone who can help YOU get started with a blog and finding your own freedom passion...'s ME. 

Ready to change your life with a blog...? 

I'll show you HOW.
What does the training look like?

This is your fast-track to success in just 4 steps...

WEEK 1 - The Foundations
Set up for success - Preparing the Launchpad.
  • Day 1: Niche selection, offer reviews
  • Day 2: Mindset - What is stopping you from succeeding 
  • Day 3: Domain Selection & Review
  • Day 4 -5: Choosing the right host for you and getting your website installed


By the end of week 1, you'll have your all important niche dialled in, domain sorted and hosting chosen. Easy! You'll be ready to WIN.

Week 2 - Setup & Branding
Solidify the foundations and make it YOURS.
  • Day 1: WordPress overview, initial set ups and tips. 
  • Day 2: Plugin & Theme Plugin (Including our favourites)
  • Day 3: Branding - Colours, Feel And Logos (Maximum Impact, Minimal Cost)
  • Day 4 - 5: Creating your first post, and using the DFY pages


Week 2 will see things take shape quickly. You'll see your site forming before your eyes. I told you this was going to be easy and FUN!

Week 3 - SEO, Research & Structure
How to create magnetic content that pulls in views that convert to hot buyers! 
  • Day 1: What SEO is, and why it's so powerful. 
  • ​Day 2: Understanding On-Page SEO (With help from week 2) and off Page SEO
  • Day 3: Site Structure and how to ensure each page is best set up to rank
  • Day 4: Keyword Research Part 1 (Tools & Ideas)
  • Day 5: ​Creating your second post and beyond (Post Ideas and Styles)


Week 3 shows you my proven methods to make the most of SEO, keywords and structure. None of the complexity and ALL of the power. You'll also create your first posts and be well on your way!

Week 4 - Monetisation, Scaling & Launching
The launchpad is ready. Time to take off!
  • Day 1: Finding products for the future
  • ​Day 2: Keyword Research part 2 - Ensuring you have plans for the future
  • Day 3: Different monetisation strategies
  • Day 4: First steps with social media
  • Day 5: Time to scale 


Week 4 is here, and you are ready to fly! You will be confident in exactly how to run your site. Zero fear, zero worry... total CONFIDENCE.

Blog Focused is EVERYTHING you need to get going...
(No matter your current skill level!)


Oh YES... I'm about to sweeten the deal even MORE...!

BONUS #1: Interviews From Top Bloggers Making Over $10K Per Month - Their TOP strategies revealed!
We've compiled a list of inspirational interviews with some of the top bloggers in the world, each making over $10,000 per month blogging. You'll discover all of their top strategies that's working for them TODAY!

BONUS #2: Exclusive BlogFocused Private Community!
Gain exclusive access to our new private Facebook community of bloggers and other students, helping you form relationships, get inspiration and accountability. I also go live and share updates and advice here that compliments the course.

BONUS #3: My DFY Starter Pages. Get a jump start on your site and moving FAST!
You'll receive the legal pages that I use on my sites, to ensure you have the groundwork to be compliant with your new site. FTC Compliance, GDPR Compliance, Privacy Policies and more. No need to pay a legal firm for these - I've got you covered!

BONUS #4: Sam Rexfords' Book On Starting A Blog
In case you like to have a companion read, you'll also receive the PDF Ebook "How To Build And Launch Your Blog, FAST" - a phenomenal reference material.

The fastest route to success with a blog...

Here's a recap of everything you get when you join TODAY!

The Blog Focused Training Course



bonus #3 - dfy starter pack PAGES


Don't just take my word for it!


- Stuart E

The first time I ever heard about James was on an affiliate facebook group, and like many newbies had lots of questions. James would always reply and help me out and never asked me for anything in return. I think he is an honest and genuine guy who will help anyone out. When he said he was doing a course I decided to join it. There are many courses out there but most of them are expensive. I thought James course was very reasonably priced. If I'm being honest it is not as in depth as others but he is trying to make it as simple as possible for newbies to get started. Since joining he has added new material and any questions I have had, he has answered them.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Affiliate marketing.

- Jamie G

I was actually a little shocked when I logged in the first time that the program wasn't at least 10x as much as what I paid to jump in. The value, step-by-step approach and easy to follow instructions, made it simple to implement. Having been around the affiliate game for around 10 years (and having setup multiple blogs previously) I now have a stronger understanding of why mine have historically not performed as I would have liked. More importantly, I have a roadmap to follow and the support to back me up in growing my blogging reach and income. Cheers James, this program is awesome!

Jeff A

I’ve known I should be blogging for ages – it was always on the ‘to do’ list…
Blog Focussed has taken me through every single step I needed to set up and launch a blog (and it’s live!)
The training is well thought out and easy to understand – anyone can do this by following the training step by step.
The best part is the private support group where James offers true support, encouragement and help – a rare find!

What are you waiting for?
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